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Read what our Clients have to say about LOAN AND INVESTMENTS LTD…

“You are the only Bank Guarantee supplier I will deal with, consistent delivery time and time again.”   This is the 3rd bank guarantee you have delivered to my company within space of 2 months. I have referred my friends from Vietnam and Indonesia to you and you delivered with time and precision as you promised. You don’t know how happy you made me because now my friends and associates treat me like a king because it is not easy to find a genuine provider or supplier of BG/SBLC. I will keep referring customers to you because you are the best in this business. Freddie Dixon, Texas, USA.

“After dealing with a thousand brokers its nice to finally be direct to the company at the front of the queue.” Above all, I got my SBLC in just 6 days and was able to get my project funded. I am coming back next week with 4 of my friends that need BG. LOAN AND INVESTMENTS LIMITED you are the best. Muller (Bavaria, Germany)

“I worked hard on my research and find that you are the best in the business!”  Miguel Díaz , Mexico.
“Another service provider ripped me off with a Bank Guarantee so I came to LOAN AND INVESTMENTS LIMITED in the hope they could deliver, they did exactly what they said they would, were direct, honest and I got precisely the result they forecast. Im a raving fan!”  Anthony Hughes, New Castle.
“No slippery salespeople, no false promises, just authentic people, quality advice, and Bank Guarantees / SBLC’s delivered where you want them”   James
“The Managed Bank Guarantee Program saved my life! Thanks a Million or Thirty.”  Ryan Wilson
“Really impressed, great company, great documentation, timely delivery in everything you do. I wish more companies operated like this.”  Mr. Lee (Hong Kong)
“The best Monetization advice I ever received was from LOAN AND INVESTMENTS LIMITED, you saved me from a big mistake and banked me a fortune. Thanks”   Stuart Russell
“In an industry of crooks, you guys are the good guys that restore a mans confidence and trust. Buying a Bank Guarantee was never so easy”  David Cho from South Korea.
“LOAN AND INVESTMENTS LIMITED, you are Number 1 in my Book, you did what others couldn’t. Ill never forget that I got my Loan in 5 days with no stress at all, no lies, no stories and most importantly you gave me the lowest interest rate I couldn’t get from any bank in America, big thanks.”  Glen Williamson
“You guys are the best kept secret in the finance industry, i hope no one finds your web site lol. Superb Knowledgeable Service.”   Hellen & Paul from Perth, Australia.
“WOW delivery on time and with no fuss. NO BS, love the way you guys just tell it like it is, very refreshing!”  Petrovic

LOAN AND INVESTMENTS LIMITED had given us a helping hand by providing us the Performance Guarantee towards our Urea buyer to obtain a Letter of Credit from them. At the same time, LOAN AND INVESTMENTS LIMITED supported us in providing the Letter of Credit in favor of our Urea supplier. We must say that without their trade finance support, this deal would have not been completed. Hwang Sik Park, South Korea.

LOAN AND INVESTMENTS LIMITED is a pivotal provider of trade finance, who stands out as being very commercially experienced and able. They are being very helpful by providing Bank Guarantee in such an ease when I was in great dilemma. Muhammad Akhther, Lahore, Pakistan.

LOAN AND INVESTMENTS LIMITED has given us the opportunity to get my business done by providing a Letter of Credit (LC, MT-700) At Sight instantly for my sugar transaction. I really appreciate the guidance LAIL has provided me to finish my transaction. Glen Richards, California, USA

‘We had a gold transaction and I chased several banks to obtain a Letter of Credit, but got dismayed when they informed me that we did not qualify since we are unable to provide their required security and collateral. Luckily, we found LOAN AND INVESTMENTS LIMITED thru Google searching and it was our turning point in the business. We submitted our requirements and they structured our gold transaction in such a manner that we successfully completed our business transaction. Morgan, South Africa

‘We have chosen LOAN AND INVESTMENTS LTD for its honesty and ease of use. Despite the complexity of my import business, they provided me the required Letter of credit for the deal. Laurent, France

        “Simple & straight forward… I like LOAN AND INVESTMENTS LIMITED 100 Million times.”   Lisa…
       “Buy a BG, Fund and Repeat. LOAN AND INVESTMENTS LIMITED rocks!”   Anita Bradshaw writing from Ontario.

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