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Helping Bank Guarantee Brokers Bank Big Deals

Bank Guarantee Brokers…. If you want to earn big commissions work with a company like LOAN AND INVESTMENTS LTD that delivers without stories!

Too many brokers waste time and money chasing dreams of big deals with service providers that NEVER deliver and as a result they NEVER get paid and end up with NOTHING.

Rule #1 to getting paid on Big Deals, work with a company that performs!

LOAN AND INVESTMENTS LTD pays attractive commissions and ALWAYS protects Brokers.

We look forward to working with you!


New This is a lease monetization program! Min 10 million usdNon Recourse Funding

I have a proposal for you and/OR your clients which will NOT require you to purchase anything….and will return MILLIONS to you in 10-14 days!!!

This program is very similar to our previous program except you will make a lot more money!! The previous program is closed!!

Here is how it will work..

This is a lease monetization program!

This program will require you to show at least a $10 million proof of funds! This is the minimum amount I want to use….However..we may be able to use a $5 million POF and get a $50 million leased BG. Please contact me about this.

The MAX POF to show is $5 Billion!

You will become the client on this. Showing a $10 million POF will qualify you to lease a $100 million lease bank instrument. We will then have the instrument monetized at a 60-65% Loan to Value and receive a non-recourse loan. Then we will do a Joint Venture together. I will explain the numbers below!

The program will ask you to send a MT799 from your bank.  The funds will be verified but NEVER MOVED OR TOUCHED…..WHATSOEVER!!!!!!

The whole process will take about 10 – 14 days to complete.

I know the monetizer of the program..and I have selected the instrument provider to use..

Here is how the JV will work –

The leased instrument will cost 10% of the face value of the instrument. So a 10% POF has to be shown.

Example –

For a $100 million instrument –
The cost will be $10 million (POF Amount) – 10% of the face value.
$100 million Monetized at 60% loan to value – Equals $60 million
$60 million – minus

$10 million – 10% lease fee cost – minus
$5 million – 5% monetization fees –
$45 million – minus
$9 million – 20% JV fee for me and Brokers
$36 million – Net to You
For a $500 million instrument –
The cost will be $50 million (POF Amount) – 10% of the face value.
$500 million Monetized at 60% loan to value – Equals $300 million
$300 million – minus

$50 million – 10% lease fee cost – minus
$25 million – 5% monetization fees –
$225 million – minus
$45 million – 20% JV fee for me and Brokers
$180 Million – Net To You

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Project funding – No Collateral– Insurance Sealed – Funding, Fast Approval, Fast Cash Settlement

Funding Offer Particulars: OFFER  – Only Limited Slots only available
No Collateral ,  – Insurance  Sealed – Funding, Fast Approval , Fast Cash Settlement
Loan amount : Minimum 5M (Preferable)
Issuing place:Asia/Europe/America
Loan Tenure : 5 Years
Interest fee : 3% per annum
Project consulting fee: 5%
Approval Within (Historical days)  : Within 1-5 Banking days
Funds dispersed (Historical days)  : Within 3-10 Banking days
Repaying capital: at the end of 5 years . In the event of failure, Insurance shall cover the capital repayment.


STEP 1: Email the bank statement/tear sheet/ATV
Forward the cash funds holding company account’s bank statement/tear sheet/ATV which has 5.1% of requested fund. For example if a company wants 50M, Bank account should have 2.5M +0.1%.
Forward the  cash funds holding company account’s authorized signatory  proof documents
(Passport,Company Biz file indicating the shareholders,company resolution,company incorporation & registration document).

STEP 2: Email the Project Snapshot
Project snapshot should be submitted with  following details:
Executive Summary about the project, Project Face Value , Project funds requested amount ,  What types of  project funding required(Private Company Lending,Equity share,Banker Lending , Monetize Non recourse Loan by SBLC/BG) , Loan Tenure , Loan Interest range,any collateral details, what are different tranches required (starts with 5M/100M….),
who are all shareholders, how income shall be generated using the project fund?  How the  project fund is utilized ?
what are all risks are involved? 

STEP 3: Getting the Funder interest to fund the project We shall inform the  Funder interest to fund the project

STEP 4:Receive LOI Letter format & FPA(Fee Protection Agreement)
We shall forward the  LOI Letter format & FPA(Fee Protection Agreement) .
Please forward the  Signed copy of Authorized signatory of cash funds holding company account in company Letter head.

Please forward the  Signed copy of FPA of Authorized signatory of singapore cash funds holding company account in company Letter head & Notarized by lawyer.

We shall issue application forms for filling up.
We submit the application forms
we request funders to approve the funds asap.
We shall get you the Funder’s Advance payment letter.
STEP 7: This STEP  is followed for a specific funders only .Other funders , this step may or may not be required.
Work with Insurance banker to  insure the sanctioned amount.
In the event of failure to repay the capital at the end of 5 years loan, Insurance banker shall pay the capital to banker.
On receiving funders approval letter, Pay the  Project consulting fee of 0,1%  of  approved funding amount to  us
Forward the  LEtter of undertaking letter to issue the Project consulting fee of 4.9% with post dated cheq .
we request funders to release the  payments asap  into the bank acct.
On receiving money  into  bank acct, Ensure that Post dated Cheque is cleared.

Important Note:
If  you have any Good Overseas  Projects , We can form a joint venture with Overseas corporate companies to execute their project by having us  a  singapore business partner who acts as a managing partner for the projects.

We have good network of  Funder mandate & Funding providers .We can help  for good projects with TOP QUALITY Authenticated documents.

If any interested funder is interested to meet the borrower.
All expenses(Flight/Accomodation/Daily peridium)  needs to be paid  by borrower.

If you need Loan, project financing, Bank Guarantees, SBLC, DLC or Letters of Credit kindly contact us immediately for more detailed information. 
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Indonesia may be the next challenger to Beijing in the South China Sea

Claim almost an entire sea for yourself and you’re bound to stir things up. That’s especially true when it’s the South China Sea, arguably the world’s most important body of water for international trade and potential future military conflicts.

Citing a “nine-dash line” it drew up at the end of World War Two, China says almost all of the sea counts as its territory. To solidify that claim—considered outrageous by various Southeast Asian nations that also claim territory in the sea—Beijing has been busy building manmade islands atop reefs in the Spratly archipelago, complete with a runway, helipad, and lighthouse.

Challenges to Beijing’s claims are growing.

This week, the US flew B52 bombers near the artificial islands, the Pentagon said on Thursday (Nov. 12), on what officials called a “routine mission” in international airspace. Last month, the US sent a warship close to the manmade islands, in an area that it’s long considered international waters. (Beijing issued verbal warnings but otherwise not much happened.)

On Oct. 29,  an international arbitration court in the Netherlands ruled it has the authorityto decide whether China is violating international law with its claims in the South China Sea, two years after the Philippines first lodged a complaint. (Beijing refuses to recognize the case.)

Indonesia is the next country stepping in.

This week, Indonesia’s chief security minister, Luhut Pandjaitan, indicated the nation could turn to an international tribunal over disputed claims involving the Natuna archipelago, parts of which intersect with the China’s nine-dash line. That follows a confirmation last Sunday (Nov. 8) that Indonesia deployed seven warships to the archipelago, saying the move is “a routine patrol program carried out by the navy to safeguard Natuna waters.”

And yesterday (Nov. 12) Indonesia’s foreign ministry said it had asked China to clarify its claims in sea. “The position of Indonesia is clear at this stage that we do not recognize the nine-dash line because it is not in line with… international law,” noted ministry spokesman Armanatha Nasir. “We asked for clarification on what they mean and what they mean by the nine-dash line. That has not been clarified.”

Indonesia’s pushback against China’s claims goes much deeper than that, though.

Last summer general Moeldoko, the commander in chief of Indonesia’s armed forces, took to the Wall Street Journal to express (paywall) Indonesia’s surprise about China’s claims. “Indonesia is dismayed… that China has included parts of the Natuna Islands within the nine-dash line, thus apparently claiming a segment of Indonesia’s Riau Islands province as its territory.” In response, he added, “the Indonesian military has decided to strengthen its forces on Natuna.”

Yet there would be little reason to, if not for China’s moves in the area. Consisting of about 270 islands, the sleepy Natuna archipelago is part of Indonesia’s Riau Islands province. Most of the less than 100,000 people living there are involved in fishing or farming.

Screen Shot 2015-11-13 at 10.11.35 AM

In September Indonesia’s defense ministry announced that it would improve the infrastructure in Natuna, including runway improvements for the benefit of warplanes and a new radar system. It also said it was deploying unmanned aerial vehicles and at least 2,000 additional personnel to the islands.

Indonesia’s government said it is still counting on diplomacy. “We don’t want to see any power projection in this area,” Pandjaitan told Reuters this week. “We would like a peaceful solution by promoting dialogue. The nine-dash line is a problem we are facing, but not only us. It also directly [impacts] the interests of Malaysia, Brunei, Vietnam, and the Philippines.”

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There are so many myths and fables about leasing bank instruments that there is no place to begin.  So let’s begin with the basic truthful tenants.
First, no one is going to back the issuance of a bank instrument (provide collateral), and allow you to borrow against it without knowing AND approving the use of the borrowed funds. The Applicant is going to be very careful and learn ALL the risks of your loan not being timely repaid before he will lease you the instrument. The reason for this is that the party backing the instrument (called “the Applicant”) is not stupid enough to take a small lease fee in exchange for losing the face value of the instrument upon your default of the loan (or guarantee) taken against it.
THE LESSON:  So if a provider of a leased instrument offers you the lease of an instrument with a face value of $100 million for a lease fee of 10% ($10 million), and you wish to borrow against the instrument (or put it in jeopardy in some way), and if the provider does not take care of the securitization of that loan where he is satisfied that he will get his money back on your borrowings, then it is not a real deal and there is a fraud involved somewhere.
QUE: Where there are no or few authentic inquiries into the use of the funds and their security, followed up by no genuine request for securitization documents, references, and typical loan supporting information, there is a fraud going on. If you understand this tenant, then you can move forward and learn how these transactions really work.
Second, in analyzing to determine if an instrument lease transactions is a “real deal”, keep your eye always on the Applicant.  There will only be an instrument lease transaction if the Applicant is satisfied that the risks are acceptable to him of losing money borrowed against the instrument (or put it in jeopardy in some way such as operating as a guarantee).  This is the rule of instrument leasing.  Learn it and remember it!
Here are some examples that will often work when leasing an instrument:
Commodities Trading:  Use instrument as a guarantee to guarantee purchase and payment pending completion of sale and resale by the purchaser-lessee. On resale of the commodities the risk of the Applicant is eliminated by payment to the Seller from the proceeds of the resale by the purchaser-lessee.
Commodities Trading:  Funds borrowed against leased instrument are used to pay Seller, and  Applicant is paid and risk eliminated on resale of commodities to third party.
Real Estate Transactions:  Leased instrument is used as a guarantee to “hold” a purchase pending obtaining financing.  Once financing is obtained, Applicant has no further liability.
Purchase of a Business (securities):  Leased instrument is used as a guarantee to “hold” a purchase of stock pending obtaining financing.  Once financing is obtained, Applicant has no further liability. Financing is often easily obtained when Lessee has a buyer.
Purchase of a Business (Assets):  Leased instrument is used as a guarantee to “hold” a purchase of assets pending obtaining financing.  Once financing is obtained, Applicant has no further liability.
Construction Projects.  In the financing of construction projects, leased instruments are used similarly as used in real estate purchase transactions. The leased instrument may be used a guarantee that sufficient funds are available to complete the project. This may provide “bridge financing” until a “take out” is in place.   The Applicant will usually require a completion bond to be in place.
Third, in trying to keep your eye on the Applicant, sometimes it is very difficult to do so.  The reasons generally are that the Applicant and the Provider are jointly committing a fraud and do not want the Applicant to be known or identified, or on the other hand (as in most cases) there is no Applicant.  The Applicant is an imaginary creation of the Provider.
 QUE: If there is no Applicant doing the right things in an honest manner, there is no leasing transaction deal.  There is just a fraud.
Important Note on Spotting Fraud:  Not only should you look for the behavior of the Applicant, look at the facts surrounding the payment of any money, big or small.  You will usually be distracted by the possibility of losing a large sum that may be required.  However, most frauds are not aimed at that large sum as the fraudsters know they will never collect that amount.  They are seeking the payment of smaller fees and charges that do not seem important to you at the time.  For instance, the advance payment of $5,000 in bank charges may seem unimportant, but that sum is the total object of the fraud.  Some of the fraudsters will have ten transactions a month just stealing $5,000 per transaction while you are not looking as you are taking it out of your wallet and paying them.
Additional Note on Spotting Fraud:  Where someone is willing to lease you a billion or more dollars, run!  For these large deals it takes a consortium of banks to put together the guarantee involved, and usually the bank offered is unacceptable, including Chinese and Indonesian Banks where employee insiders cause a lot of problems.  Do not get involved in the financing of multi-billion dollar government constructions projects (e.g. dams). These are invariably fraudulent.
Fourth, unfortunately, there is a situation in this type of financing where you are almost guaranteed to lose your money and the Applicant provides you with all that he agrees to provide you with; i.e. he provides you with a valid instrument drawn on an acceptable bank. Again, here is the scenario:  (1) Ninety Percent (90%) of the time the outcome is that the Applicant provides you with the leased instrument as agreed, (2) you cannot use the instrument, and (3) the Applicant has earned the fee and keeps it.  You have paid for an instrument you cannot use and have no civil or criminal liability against the Applicant, because he has done exactly as you requested.
Side Note for Prospective Applicants:  This is why every Applicant that I have set up in business of providing leased bank instruments has made millions of dollars just waiting for you to screw up.
Back to you Lessees:  What is your “screw up”?  Almost 90% of you make the same mistake, and nearly the rest of you, to make up the 100%, make one or more of possible thirty or so mistakes.
 THE LESSON:  Few of these transactions work because (i) most are fraudulent and (ii) those that are legitimate are “screwed up” by lessees with incompetent counsel or no counsel at all that allow their clients to lose their money by making disastrous mistakes.
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Finally, the EU decides to abolish annoying data roaming charges

Good news, Europe! Mobile data roaming charges will be abolished from June 2017.

After two years of intense negotiations, which included many U-turns and delays, the ban finally passed at the European Parliament yesterday (Oct. 27). Mobile phone companies will no longer be allowed to charge customers extra for using their phone in countries across the EU.

Telecom providers can now levy a charge up €0.19 ($0.21) for outgoing voice calls, but an interim cap on charges will come into effect from April 30 next year. Extra charges will be removed altogether by 2017 following an overhaul of EU telecoms rules in 2016.

The European Commission says the new rules will finally bring an end to “huge telephone bills ruining your holiday budget.”

Type of charge July 2014 April 2016 June 2017
Outgoing voice calls (per minute) €0.19 €0.05 No extra roaming fee, same as national rate
Incoming voice calls (per minute) €0.05 To be confirmed No extra roaming fee, same as national rate
Outgoing texts (per SMS message) €0.06 €0.02 No extra roaming fee, same as national rate
Online (data download, per MB) €0.20 €0.05 No extra roaming fee, same as national rate

Americans visiting Europe won’t be so fortunate, as providers such as AT&T will continue charging around $30 for 120 megabytes of international data use. And Europeans traveling outside of Europe still need to be careful with roaming charges.

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More than 45 Venture Capital Backed Unicorns have been added in the last two quarters

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If you need Loan, project financing, Bank Guarantees, SBLC, DLC or Letters of Credit kindly contact us immediately for more detailed information. 
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BANK GUARANTEE WARNING: 5 Ways to Lose Money – Beware!

IMPORTANT BANK GUARANTEE WARNING: 5 Ways to Lose Money – Beware! Too many clients have lost too much money in the Bank Guarantee industry by foolishly and naively being conned by unscrupulous people. Clients get lured by the promise of high returns and because of inexperience get caught in some pretty nasty pit falls and lose their money. This article is written to warn and educate clients so they can AVOID LOSING MONEY and SAFELY COMPLETE BANK GUARANTEE TRANSACTIONS WITHOUT LOSING YOUR SHIRT!

Many of our clients wish to purchase Bank Guarantees for Monetization, Discounting or Funding. If you do this it is CRITICAL you get it right! There is no margin for error when your dealing with millions if dollars!

There are some big traps uninformed customers fall into that cost them a lot of money or the whole deal. Loan and Investments Limited would like to partner with you and help you navigate the mine field of the bank guarantee market so you can safely and successfully get deals completed.

Here are just a few Mistakes people make….. that have Cost foolish investors many many $$$$


Mistake 1: Buying a BG that is Neutered – Some sneaky companies issue neutered Bank Guarantees. That is a Bank Guarantee that can only be used for credit enhancement on a companies books but can never be monetized or traded. It’s a nasty surprise you get when you realize your pristine Bank Guarantee delivered by MT760 to your Monetizer is……. useless!

Mistake 2: Buying a BG that is Leased – Many Leased Bank Guarantees cannot be monetized. If you buy a Bank Guarantee that has the word “leased” in the Bank Guarantee text when it is delivered to the funder or monetizer. You just got screwed and have a worthless piece of paper you can’t use! Loan and Investments Ltd offers you “unrestricted beneficiary ownership of the Bank Guarantee for a 12 month term” this gives you full monetization capability at the price of a lease. Don’t risk playing with fire, a cheap Bank Guarantee provider is likely to make you pay one way or another in the end! Play safe get a Bank Guarantee from Loan and Investments Ltd.

Mistake 3: Procedures DON’T Match – If the delivery procedures of the Bank Guarantee issuer don’t exactly match with the Bank Guarantee Monetizer, Funder or Discounter you will never get the Bank Guarantee delivered because the two parties are incompatible with each other. You just can’t put a round peg in a square hole! In our experience up to 40% of Bank Guarantee deliveries to funders FAIL because the procedures between the parties are incompatible. It is sickening to see clients with failed transactions caught in a blame game of table tennis between Bank Guarantee Issuer and Bank Guarantee Funder who each point the finger at one another. Avoid this nightmare, just use our prestructured, prenegotiated Managed Bank Guarantee Program. Email us for more details.

Mistake 4: The No Bank Play – When your Bank Guarantee Issuing Agreement with you lists them sending a MT999 or MT799 from a non bank entity to the monetizers or funder bank entity. You’ve been screwed! This is a huge scam because many Bank Guarantee Issuers issue from non bank entities that have names that sound like banks but aren’t! Authentic Banks will not reply or communicate with Non Banks Entities or private companies that send the bank messages on the SWIFT network. ThLease SBLC Upset Businessmanose messages are treated like an annoying mosquito, it buzzes into the bank on the SWIFT network and is swatted away to the rubbish bin as soon as the bank realizes it was sent from a non bank entity!

The Bank Guarantee Issuer then claims they delivered service to the bank and that because the bank did not perform or respond, then the Bank Guarantee Issuer keeps all your money because they claim the bank defaulted on your contract. Ouch!

Mistake 5: No CUSIP or ISIN Number – Some Bank Guarantee monetizers or funders will only accept Bank Guarantees with CUSIP or ISIN Numbers. This means they will NOT accept a fresh cut bank guarantee, ONLY seasoned instruments (which is a Bank Guarantee that has been created by one Bank and issued to a second bank who them registers the CUSIP and ISIN numbers of the instrument). Seasoned Bank Guarantees cost more because they have to be passed through two banks to become seasoned and are generally are only available to be purchased from secondary owners not direct from the Bank Guarantee Issuing Bank. We monetize fresh cut and seasoned instruments, as long as the bank guarantee is 100% real we will monetize it and ensure you bank cash no matter whether its fresh cut or seasoned.

The above Mistakes are the Tip of the Iceberg!

There are many many more!

As Experienced Bank Guarantee Experts our Business is structured to assist you to AVOID the PITFALLS and NIGHTMARES. Our goal is to and help you concluded safe successful transactions.

The BIGGEST Benefit in working with Loan and Investments Ltd is our years of Bank Guarantee Expertise and Knowledge, it is the best and insurance and safety net you will ever get and we don’t charge a cent for it! Our guidance comes free with every transaction we complete for you.
When your dealing with financial instruments and Bank Guarantees worth Millions of dollars DON´T be a Do it Yourselfer and cause yourself significant harm! Partner with Loan and Investments Ltd and get the right result, safely without burning your house down.

Experience is the Best Insurance – Use Loan and Investments Ltd Today for all your Loan, project Finance and Bank instruments transactions including bank Guarantees, DLC, leased sblc, seasoned BG, frshly cut BG, slightly seasoned BG etc!

Number One Managed Bank Guarantee Financing Program

$350K Deposit to 30 Million Non Recourse in 45 to 90 Days OR $500K Deposit to 100 Million Non Recourse in 45 to 90 Days This program is an End to End Managed Bank Guarantee Funding and Monetization Program. The Program has two Options:

  • $350K Deposit in 30 Million Non Recourse in 45 to 90 Days, OR
  • $500K Deposit to 100 Million Non Recourse in 45 to 90 Days.

The program includes Total Deposit Protection with a very high profile Attorney Trust Account protected by a law firm that was founded by a Supreme Court Judge.

Either your Bank Guarantee is Issued or your Get your Deposit Returned, we make money closing deals NOT taking Deposits!

The level of transparency, access, protection and proof provided in this program is unique and is rarely offered in the Bank Guarantee industry. The entire End to End Proven Program includes BOTH Issuing a Bank Guarantee and Funding that Bank Guarantee. Everything has been prestructured, preapproved and prenegotiated so it is hassle and headache free with certain predetermed outcomes you can bank on. We provide total contract protection and agree to penalties up to 20 times your deposit!

Full Non Recourse Funding in the program means you do not have to repay a cent! The Bank Guarantee is Issued from AAA Rated Top 25 Bank and funded from a second AAA Rated Top 25 Bank. Client Deposits are paid to Attorney Trust Account where Trust Attorney and Barrister has No Criminal History, No Criminal Record, No Criminal Convictions and is the Legal Counsel for Governments and major Corporations. There is No Trading, No Leveraging, No Borrowing, No Currency Investing and we DO NOT require any Project Documentation. All we need to issue program agreements to clients are 3 Documents: CIS (Customer Information Sheet), NCND and Proof of Funds.

Please contact us for more information… 
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Brokers are paid good commission on each successful transaction so if you want to work for our company as a broker, agent or mandate please contact us for more information.

Hong Kong still has the world’s priciest office rents

Inline image 2

Rents are rocketing up to USD255.5 psf per year.

Knight Frank’s Skyscraper Index reveals that in Q2 2015, Hong Kong, at US$255.50 per sq ft per year, retains the title of the most expensive place in the world to rent office space in a tower building.

According to a release from Knight Frank, meanwhile, London (10.7%) and San Francisco (8.2%) are seeing the fastest rental growth for high-rise offices in the six months to June 2015, reflecting a buoyant occupier market in gateway cities.

Despite the uncertainties in the stock markets and the devaluation of the RMB, Thomas Lam, Senior Director, Head of Valuation & Consultancy, Knight Frank expects Hong Kong to continue to enjoy moderate rental growth with sustained demand from Mainland Chinese companies.

In 2015, around 40-50% of new lettings in Central involve Chinese firms. Meanwhile, Central’s office buildings are aging, with more than 50% of the district’s Grade-A offices being over 25 years old. For some of them, the need for renovation is seen.

Together with the shortage of new Grade-A offices in Central, such renovation will lead to a long-term impact to the district’s Grade-A office supply. Overall vacancy rates in Hong Kong decrease to 1.7% in September, and Central’s vacancy rate was as low as 1.4%, close to the historic low of 2008.

Here’s more from Knight Frank:

Hong Kong will still have the lowest prime yields (2.9%) among 20 global cities in the world by the end of 2015 as office property prices surged in previous years.
Looking ahead, Thomas Lam expects rents in Central will increase no more than 5% in 2016 and rents will slightly drop 0-5% in Kowloon East with abundant new supply in the pipeline.

Despite the concentration of quality stock and attractive rents in Kowloon East, we believe CBD2 cannot replace Central in the short term because only some firms or operations prefer relocating to Kowloon East. In the long term, the emerging CBDs will serve as complements, rather than direct competitors, to Central.

As some significant projects like CBD2, redevelopment of Wan Chai government offices have already been put in place to provide new office space, Knight Frank research shows that, Hong Kong is likely to face a shortage of office space of around 2 million sq ft (equivalent to an office tower of a comparable size to Two IFC) by 2020.

Thomas Lam remains positive about the long-term outlook for premium and Grade-A office buildings in the city, due to sustained long-term demand boosted by the Mutual Fund Recognition Scheme.

If you need Loan, project funding, Bank Guarantee, SBLC, DLC or Letters of Credit please contact us immediately. 
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Brokers are welcomed, appreciated and compensated with good commission. If you want to be our agent or broker please contact us via email for more information.