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Bank Guarantee Monetization and Funding

Bank Guarantee is a guarantee by a bank or any lending institution to a beneficiary that it will fulfill the liability of a third person in case the third person defaults or is unable to deliver the terms of contract. The lending institution becomes the co-signor with the third person or the debtor in the guarantee, unless stated otherwise.

There are two types of bank guarantees that exist generally namely:-

  1. Performance Bank Guarantee: – In this type of guarantee, a bank assumes monetary liability up to a specified amount in case of non-performance of a contract or obligation.
  1. Financial Bank Guarantee: – Bank issues guarantee in lieu of monetary consideration in this type of guarantee.

To buy bank guarantee from any bank, you need to present them with CIS (Customer Information Sheet), NCND and Proof of Funds along with your business contract and other details as and when demanded.

Bank Guarantee Monetization allows you to monetize your bank guarantee for following purposes:

  1. Bank Guarantees can be monetized for cash.
  1. They can be placed into various trade programs.
  1. You can monetize them in the composition of both immediate cash and trade programs.

Bank Guarantee monetization generally gives you returns between 60%-90% non-recourse. Bank Guarantee funding for owned bank guarantees can give you a return of 80% within 72 hours of the delivery of the Bank Guarantee. The returns might be low as 50% on leased bank guarantees.

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US de-lists hundreds from Iran sanctions

In accordance with its commitments under the JCPOA nuclear deal with Iran (see previous blog), the US has de-listed over 400 people and entities from its List of Specially Designated Nationals (SDNs).  As a consequence, non-US persons will no longer be subject to sanctions for conducting transactions with them, though US persons remain subject to a broad prohibition on transactions with Iran or its government, and a requirement that the assets of the Government of Iran and Iranian financial institutions continue to be frozen.  In addition, more than 200 people and entities are still listed as SDNs, and non-US persons are still prohibited from knowingly seeking to evade US restrictions on transactions and trade with Iran.

Switzerland implements additional EU and UN Iran de-listings

Switzerland has followed the EU, US, and UN in de-listing Bank Sepah from its sanctions against Iran (see previous blog), along with Naser Bateni and the company he manages Hanseatic Shipping Trust, whose EU listings were annulled in October 2015 (see previous blog), and 3 entities connected to Islamic Republic of Iran Shipping Lines, also reflecting UN and EU modifications to their own sanctions.

The world’s richest 62 people now have more wealth than the poorest 3.6 billion combined

So much wealth has accumulated among the world’s richest that the 62 wealthiest people on the planet now own more than the poorest 3.6 billion people, or half the planet, according to research published by Oxfam, an anti-poverty charity.

That ratio has become a good deal more skewed recently. In 2010, it required the richest 388 people to make up the wealth of the bottom 50%. Since then, Oxfam says, the world’s richest 62 people have added 44% to their cash and assets, while the wealth of the bottom half has dropped by 41%.

“Far from trickling down, income and wealth are instead being sucked upwards at an alarming rate,” Oxfam said in the report, “An Economy For The 1%” (pdf). “Once there, an ever more elaborate system of tax havens and an industry of wealth managers ensure that it stays there, far from the reach of ordinary citizens and their governments.”

The charity released the report one day ahead of the start of the World Economic Forum at Davos, where some of the world’s richest and most powerful business leaders and government decision-makers will meet.

Oxfam argued that wealth inequality isn’t just a problem for those on the bottom but that it poses a threat to economic development for everyone. The number of people lifted out of absolute poverty over the past two decades has been encouraging, says the report, but had inequality not risen at the same time, as many as 200 million more people could have been lifted out of poverty over the same period. “That could have risen to 700 million had poor people benefited more than the rich from economic growth,” said the report.

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