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Project funding – No Collateral– Insurance Sealed – Funding, Fast Approval, Fast Cash Settlement

Funding Offer Particulars: OFFER  – Only Limited Slots only available
No Collateral ,  – Insurance  Sealed – Funding, Fast Approval , Fast Cash Settlement
Loan amount : Minimum 5M (Preferable)
Issuing place:Asia/Europe/America
Loan Tenure : 5 Years
Interest fee : 3% per annum
Project consulting fee: 5%
Approval Within (Historical days)  : Within 1-5 Banking days
Funds dispersed (Historical days)  : Within 3-10 Banking days
Repaying capital: at the end of 5 years . In the event of failure, Insurance shall cover the capital repayment.


STEP 1: Email the bank statement/tear sheet/ATV
Forward the cash funds holding company account’s bank statement/tear sheet/ATV which has 5.1% of requested fund. For example if a company wants 50M, Bank account should have 2.5M +0.1%.
Forward the  cash funds holding company account’s authorized signatory  proof documents
(Passport,Company Biz file indicating the shareholders,company resolution,company incorporation & registration document).

STEP 2: Email the Project Snapshot
Project snapshot should be submitted with  following details:
Executive Summary about the project, Project Face Value , Project funds requested amount ,  What types of  project funding required(Private Company Lending,Equity share,Banker Lending , Monetize Non recourse Loan by SBLC/BG) , Loan Tenure , Loan Interest range,any collateral details, what are different tranches required (starts with 5M/100M….),
who are all shareholders, how income shall be generated using the project fund?  How the  project fund is utilized ?
what are all risks are involved? 

STEP 3: Getting the Funder interest to fund the project We shall inform the  Funder interest to fund the project

STEP 4:Receive LOI Letter format & FPA(Fee Protection Agreement)
We shall forward the  LOI Letter format & FPA(Fee Protection Agreement) .
Please forward the  Signed copy of Authorized signatory of cash funds holding company account in company Letter head.

Please forward the  Signed copy of FPA of Authorized signatory of singapore cash funds holding company account in company Letter head & Notarized by lawyer.

We shall issue application forms for filling up.
We submit the application forms
we request funders to approve the funds asap.
We shall get you the Funder’s Advance payment letter.
STEP 7: This STEP  is followed for a specific funders only .Other funders , this step may or may not be required.
Work with Insurance banker to  insure the sanctioned amount.
In the event of failure to repay the capital at the end of 5 years loan, Insurance banker shall pay the capital to banker.
On receiving funders approval letter, Pay the  Project consulting fee of 0,1%  of  approved funding amount to  us
Forward the  LEtter of undertaking letter to issue the Project consulting fee of 4.9% with post dated cheq .
we request funders to release the  payments asap  into the bank acct.
On receiving money  into  bank acct, Ensure that Post dated Cheque is cleared.

Important Note:
If  you have any Good Overseas  Projects , We can form a joint venture with Overseas corporate companies to execute their project by having us  a  singapore business partner who acts as a managing partner for the projects.

We have good network of  Funder mandate & Funding providers .We can help  for good projects with TOP QUALITY Authenticated documents.

If any interested funder is interested to meet the borrower.
All expenses(Flight/Accomodation/Daily peridium)  needs to be paid  by borrower.

If you need Loan, project financing, Bank Guarantees, SBLC, DLC or Letters of Credit kindly contact us immediately for more detailed information. 
Skype: loanandinvestments

BROKERS ARE WELCOME & ARE 100% PROTECTED!! If you want to be our broker or company representative please contact us via email for more information.

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